Monday, March 31, 2008


We picked up MyLinh's passport this morning! Whoo hoo! Our Holt guide then told us we had our medical exam in the afternoon and our visa interview had been moved up to tomorrow! If all were to sail through, we could have our visa in hand by tomorrow night... We are trying not to get our hopes up, but we are really getting tempted to call and just see what flights might be available earlier. We will keep you all posted!

So, of course you all want to know the details about MyLinh's exam. She passed with flying colors, and the Dutch doctor said that "on a cute scale of 1 to 5, she is a 5." I asked if this was a professional evaluation of cuteness, and he affirmed that it was. So, medically speaking, she is pretty darn cute. (Lee, can you confirm the use of this international cute scale?) Also, she weighed in at 18.9 lbs. (our hotel scale was a little off), and she is 29 inches tall. According to the World Health Organization's scale (a little more accurate for her than the American one), she is in the 40th percentile.

We celebrated the day with a delicious dinner of chili garlic prawns and wontons, finished with decadent dessert (creme brulee for Alex and a hot chocolate pudding for me). We are quite ready to settle in here. We have our books and satellite TV -- all the soccer and ping-pong you could ever want to watch!

Thanking God for the smooth path today and the sweetness of strangers in this city...


Anonymous said...

I am quite sure that Dr was VERY accurate in his assessment of cute! I couldn't agree more!!! Praying the rest will go quickly and you can move up your return date!!

Anonymous said...

Riann & Alex,
I don't see how anyone who reads this journey blog could not be in total awe of God. Yesterday in Sunday School the teacher was talking about the lack of awe in many churches today. People taking for granted the work He does in our lives. I read your blogs and think barely a week has gone by and God has already shown His hand in this from touch down to visa. You hear of all the prayers for your journey, but take a minute to think about all the praise that has gone to God for the Schell family. God is so good and so worthy of our praise.
Auntie Melody

Anonymous said...

maybe a 5+! pappy's right...she looks just like him! mom p.s. not fair to dangle that hope of an early return. mom

Anonymous said...

Oh my nelly....those passport pictures are ADORABLE. I think she should be the poster girl for the passport office!

Lyd said...

Ri, I have to tell you, I was updating Mom yesterday after church, scrolling through your blog, and I could NOT keep my kids out of the way! Sam kept informing Mom, "MYWin, Gramma! That's MYWin!" Jacob keeps asking WHEN is she coming home, why do they have to stay over there so long, etc? Claire seems to confer with the doc...too cute. ANYway...I think Monte will come over to spend the night this week, Jacob is very excited. His first overnight guest! We miss you. Lots of Love, Lyd

Lyd said...

Oops. I said "confer" and I meant to say "concur" (spelling?) Oh well. Lyd

asian~treasures said...

HOORAY!!! With passport in hand & the medical exam should be able to head home earlier than anticipated...IF there are available flights. That's what we're praying for!!

Sheri, David, Micah & Noah-in VN Holt BB

Diana said...

Oh my gosh!!! HOW adorable those pictures are!!!She looks very excited to get her Passport and ready to go!!!

Anonymous said...

We are getting ready to leave for Astoria. I will eat some sea food for you. I know you haven't had any for a while. HAHA
Mom is right. Pappy thinks MyLinh is at least a 10.Of course the boys are at least that also.
Praying your day goes well,and your return will be sooner than scheduled.
Our love to all of you.
Grandma and Grandpap

Our Family said...

Riann! I'm so excited for you! I recently figured out you're blogging on this journey of yours (heavns, it takes forever!) and I think I've read all of it. I'm praying for the trip to continue well and am so thankful for your sweet little girl and how YES cute she really is. What a blessing!

Anonymous said...

Stephanie G. and I can't wait to have her in Sunday school nursery!We were daydreaming about that yesterday. Sam was extra CUTE today. They will have fun together.

Hurry home,

Anonymous said...

I agree with what everyone else is saying!!

Also wanted you to know that I ate at a FABULOUS Vietnamese restaurant in Olympia today, in honor of you, Alex and MyLinh, and all I could do the whole time was think about you guys! I was hoping the real Vietnamese food you're getting is as good as what I was eating!! One day, I shall have to take you and your cutie pie(s) up there and we will celebrate her food of culture! I could eat that stuff every day! Yummers!!


Anonymous said...

Oh she is precious!! I'm glad all your paperwork is going so smoothly!

--Maria, Madeleine and family (from Holt BB)

Rebecca said...

Hang in there, you're almost home! I love seeing the pictures of ML. You can really get a sense of her personality from them. Thanks again for taking the time to blog, it is a gift for all of us on this end. Not to dwell on the superficial, but I can't get over the food you're eating -- it all sounds so good! Love, Rebecca

Jordan and Amber said...

Sis, I have to agree w/ Susan.. My Lihn could definitely be the poster child for the pasport office! No doubt adorable! I was wonderin about the 40th percentile deal. She seams like a normal sized one year old to me. Is the scale different or does my bias just get in the way?

Hey Lyd, don't worry about not spelling words correctly... we give a lot of grace to kids that were "educated" at home. Ha! Truth is, I didn't even notice until you pointed it out. Similiar education maybe....?

StaceynCorey said...

yay, yay, yay!! She looks so happy to have her passport. What a cutie patootie!! :)