Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More Smiles Today


Anonymous said...

Love waking up each to your blog and pics! Blessings! Sue G.

Anonymous said...

beautiful....and of course she would reach for are her mommy! mom
MA: oooohhhhh she's cute.
MB:pretty good.(he's very busy trying to get his toy watch fom his happy meal set...a frustration).

Anonymous said...

Alex and Riann,

My heart is so happy for you. I can't imagine how you must feel to have your little girl finally in your arms! God is amazingly Good!!
Love you! - michelle

Julie said...

I'm loving all of your posts, and your daughter is beautiful and shining with happiness at her parents :) What an awesome God we serve!! ~ Julie Davis

Lyd said...

Jacob is dictating his message... "When is MyLinh gonna come over to Valley Bible Church? Can't wait to meet her! I'll try to remember to pray for you. Love, Jacob" Now he's on way downstairs to draw a picture for you...Just keep taking millions of pictures for us to soak up! She's precious, and it's so fun to see you three so happy with each other! We love you, Lyd

Shannon Schulz said...

Alex & Riann,
I can't tell you how much my heart is bursting for you right now! Thank you for blogging so much so we can walk this road with you. What a journey! May the Lord continue to go before you and guide each step! Thank you, thank you Jesus for the Schell family and their love for you! You are SOOOO GOOD and worthy of our praise!
Loving you and praying from Oklahoma!
Shannon and clan
"Hi!!!!" from Joel!

Diana said...

She has a Great personality shining through!! She's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

It is well with my soul!!

Precious, precious baby!

Love the walking with daddy photo. They're very much in sync with each other. Too cute!