Monday, March 24, 2008


We haven't blogged earlier, as Alex had been hoping to post some video of MyLinh. After waiting most of the afternoon for things to load on the site, we realized that everything had frozen up. So, no video of our cutie, and those that have been hitting the refresh button on the hour (so sorry, Colleen) were disappointed all day!

We are tucking in for the evening here, and we are thanking God for a good, sweet day with our girl. Some milestones:
  • MyLinh woke (IN the crib) from her (two hour) nap with a smile on her face!
  • Mommy elicited a laugh by introducing MyLinh to the "tickle bug."
  • Alex is getting a warmer reception, helped by feeding her an amazing hot donut at our afternoon coffee time.

We had a full day, starting with our immigration appointment where we applied for MyLinh's passport. MyLinh slept through it all in the Ergo, and we were tremendously grateful for the very capable Holt staff here. We were off to get some groceries after that (yogurt and formula for MyLinh were priorities). We were surprised at what we could find in the store. There were some familiar things (miniature jars of Prego), not quite so familiar things (strawberry flavored Oreos), and some very unfamiliar things (water chestnut beverages). After a coffee break, we were back to the hotel for a MyLinh's nap, during which I lounged by the pool, reading C.S. Lewis and enjoying the sunshine.

We ventured into the Old Quarter tonight, and although it was incredible, it was exhausting. Every sense was assaulted -- the constant cacophony of traffic, the smells from street vendors selling dried squid, ginger, and meats, the jostle and push of crowds and motorcycles on the sidewalks, and the wares taking over the sidewalks and stalls, colors and textures jangling and new. It was an amazing cultural experience, but we are glad to be settled in the for the evening with pain au chocolate, Vietnamese yogurt and a sleeping sweetpea. We are missing all. Those that are near our boys, kiss them for us!


Jordan and Amber said...

Excited to hear that you may be making progress. Really glad that the Holt Crew is so good. very Encouraging all the way around. Thanks so much for keeping us up to date on your progress. YOur daughter is VERY cute. J

Anonymous said...

dear ones, am encouraged to hear things are maybe progressing tho slowly. boys are here on my lap reading along, looking at the photos, and playing with dental floss.(m.a.) she is a dolly. love the wrinkle. mom

Anonymous said...

thenk you for the pecshursa and note. montb

Anonymous said...

I think I kissed Malcolm a hundred times yesterday during the service as he sat snuggled into my lap. I asked him if he saw pictures of Mommy and Daddy on the computer and he said "and MyWin too!" She has been blessed with loving brothers. We will pray that she will be wanting to love them back.

Anonymous said...

Ohh! So good to keep getting your news! Progress!-Yes! Mona and I will be at Deals today. i thought some of the pics looked a little like Deals clothes area!HA The boys matching shirts were darling for Easter sunday and when they go up front at church it's like looking at Riann and Alex in kid form:) Passed blog on to Eugene for Kristie and Rebecca. they love it too!
We are all so greatful for this!

Anonymous said...

Oh my guys, she is precious and perfect for your beautiful family!! I am so excited for you all. You are such sweet people she will surely get over all the tears soon and dance and laugh with you! Our Jesus is so amazing in all His creation. It is such a blessing to be able to keep up with your adventure! Thank you.

By the way, I just figured out today where the comments are. :)Letting you know in case you may have other fans out there wishing to say hi! Love ya much!! Kathy & family

Erika said...

Your blog makes me feel like I am truely experiencing the journey with you! And I wait breathlessly for the next post even when I have just finished reading a new post...and each picture makes me long for ten more! Especially when they are of such a cutie...LOVE the wrinkled up nose! Thank you taking the time share your adventures with us all!

Anonymous said...

YEAH God!!! WOW! What an amazing ride this is for you! I am so glad you get to experience all this bonding time just with your daughter, even though I know you miss the boys so much. Is that strange... to have a daughter now? To be the mommy and daddy of three? =0)
This morning I wanted to give you a verse to encourage and bless , so I asked God to give me one. Later when I was doing my Beth Moore b.s. this totally jumped out at me -for Christ has "made us accepted in the beloved" (Eph.1:6). I almost cried and thought immediately of you and how beautifully He gives the picture of us all being accepted and adopted in Jesus, the "Beloved" through seeing you and My Linh. Then the kicker, I looked the verse up and it is preceded by He predestined us to be ADOPTED as his sons through Jesus Christ, in accordance with his pleasure and will-....=0) love you all!

Rebecca said...

I am so encouraged by today's post. Sounds like things are slowly progressing. I love hearing about how you are passing your days and the milestones you are making with ML. I'm sure you are missing the boys so we will continue to pray for all of you -- at home and abroad. Enjoy a hot donut for me, that sounds awesome!! --Rebecca

Anonymous said...

dad and mom are sitting here over my shoulder and dad (gpa) is wondering "why you aren't home already with that little one so he can start loving on her and you." he is missing you all. "ole pappy" p.s. they also said to tell you that they enjoyed the boys today.

Anonymous said...

Yay, we finally can post comments! We've been following your journey from our own remote location in California and just got home and at our computers. I about cried for you on the first day when things were so long and tired, and have been rejoicing with you each day that things get more settled (all things relative, right?) We love love love your little girl already! What a cutie! And Cate just came over, saw the picture with her wrinkling her nose, and waved "hi" with a big smile. I can't wait until we get to meet your little sweetheart.

-Shaerna and Kevin (and Cate)

Anonymous said...

God is so good! It is great to hear that MyLinh is warming up to you and sleeping better. We have been praying for you. I have been enjoying the pictures and your commentary of your trip. We will keep you in our prayers and hope to see you soon. Jammie