Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Love Those Rice Crackers!

MyLinh has a cracker in each hand and wants to eat the cracker on the table. How will she solve this problem...?


Anonymous said...

That's my kind of girl!! Both hands full of food, and going straight for the table with her mouth! Can't wait to break bread with this cutie!! LOL!!


StaceynCorey said...

Oh my goodness, so, so cute!!! I've really enjoyed reading your blog. Your baby girl seems to get happier by the minute :). Enjoy the rest of your trip!

Jordan and Amber said...

Cute kid! Looks like she is getting more & more comfortable w/ you. Really happy to see that answer to prayer. Love you all, Big bro

gloryb said...

She is very resourceful. You are going to have your hands full! We are all totally infatuated with her. What a DOLL! It is wonderful to see her bloom before our eyes even though you are 1000's of miles away. The girls and I were joking that this is the hottest blog in the valley right now.
Love and prayers,

sarah h2o said...

haha - made me laugh. Isaac does that but I think thats because he is a lazy boy and can't be bothered to pick the food up and put it to his mouth because he has both hands empty!! MyLinh does it for maximum benefit - a smart little girl!!