Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Holt Update

We were checking our email and found that our quarterly update was sent to us! Strange to be so close to MyLinh and receive an update the day before we are supposed to meet her. Some of the comments on the report:

"Linh My can hold on a table and stand up by herself. The baby sits stably and stands for a while as well as climbs up stairs."

"Linh My focuses on people who is talking with. She specially wants to be paid attention to and cared for. When the baby wants her foster mother to take something for her, she points to it and kisses on the foster mother’s face. Linh My sometimes cries loudly when not getting her way."

"Linh My loved to be specially cared for, carried and comforted by her caregivers when she was in the orphanage. Since moving to the foster family, Linh My adapts quickly to the new environment and has attached deeply to the foster family members, especially the foster mother. The baby usually smiles in response to you when you smile or talk with her. She is a lovely child."

We are so close!

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Katherine, aka katedrew94 said...

What a nice update. She is so cute!