Friday, March 28, 2008

Halong Bay Pictures

This is a picture of the boat we took out into Halong Bay. We boarded fully expecting several other people to cram on the boat with us! Note: the black and white picture was converted from green and white...what a day for the Pentax to start acting up again! Grrr...

This is the crew of the Soamai. They played with MyLinh while we enjoyed a five course seafood lunch. I didn't bother taking any pictures of the food due to the camera only producing green pictures. Although Riann may have turned a shade green when they brought out the pan-fried butter fish with eyes, scales and all.

We toured a large cave. The green actually added a nice touch.

Here I am on the upper deck. I spotted 3 monkeys on one of the rocks from this vantage point. I've always wanted to see monkeys in the wild.

Our tour guide, Vinh, took this picture as we headed back into the harbor of Halong City.


erika said...

Beautiful pictures! So sorry to hear that the pentax is acting up again though. Fun that you got to see monkeys in the wild. I must have that same desire...I had my eyes peeled the whole time we were in Dominican Rep. hoping to see some there (it was jungle looking afterall)!

asian~treasures said...

Those are great, black or doesn't matter. : ) God's creation certainly is amazing.

Sheri--holt bb

Diana said...

Love the new pictures, green or not! and the one of the three of you is my fav!

Anonymous said...

As I sit here and stare at your picture and the miracle of MyLinh in your arms I am in awe of what an awesome God we have. I am so thankful for your wonderful family.


Anonymous said...

Hi guys, Taylor was wondering what kind of monkeys you saw. Sound like things are going better with MyLinh. She looks like she's a happy baby in the pictures, I am praying that is the case. Emily said Monte B told her he thought the time was going really fast. Your boys seem to be doing well. We are really enjoying your blog, it's the highlight of our day!
Take Care,

Kristen said...

Wow! That green did give an awesome touch to that cave picture!!
MONKEYS in the WILD!!! COOOOOOL! Wish i could have seen them. What kind of monkeys were they?
Kristen and Johnny

Alex and Riann said...

The monkeys were too far away to identify, but the islands are known to have a nearly extinct monkey named the golden headed langur monkey. There are only 60 known langurs left. I may have captured a little video footage of them, but they may have been too far away.