Thursday, March 20, 2008

China Beach (My Khe Beach)

These boys wanted their picture taken--very friendly children!

Working and playing on China Beach

Millions of tiny white seashells

Riann enjoying the weather--nice and warm!
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sarah h2o said...

Just been looking through your blog, again, hoping to see that you have arrived home safely. I started looking back at your trip and these pictures feel like they were such a long time ago from when we first saw them, all excitedly, nervously waiting for the news that you have Mylinh in your arms. Its that Narnia feeling again - yet only a few days really have passed. Now I am excitedly, nervously waiting to hear that you have got home and the boys and their sister are getting acquainted with each other. Thinking of you and hoping that the return flight was not too difficult for the three of you.
Looking forward to more news and again to seeing the all new and improved Schell family.
with love